Technologies of casting for orthopedic implantsCasting's technologies for orthopedic implant


State-of-the-art investment casting technology, for precision, reliability and cost-efficiency

Paolo Palazzago has developed air and vacuum investment casting capabilities that benefit orthopedic implant production in many ways.

  • Large freedom of design, well suited to shoulder and knee implants
  • Vast choice of medical- specific alloys and superalloys
  • Tight dimensional tolerances
  • High reproducible and consistency
  • Specific heat treatment to enhance physical and chemical properties

Paolo Palazzago maintains a complete, high production investment casting facility of 5800 m². Over 170 tons of cobalt and nickel base alloys are used to cast the 35 000 monthly orthopedic parts.

With two casting lines each comprised of an induction furnace and a cluster firing furnace, Paolo Palazzago’s production facilities offer reactivity and flexibility regardless of volume.