medical risk management

Testing tools and facilities to guarantee quality and safety

Paolo Palazzago plants integrate a comprehensive set of testing tools that is constantly updated and renewed, to guarantee the higher quality achievable.

Implant inspection in Paolo Palazzago's laboratoriesLaboratory analyses

Laboratory analyses

Our laboratory is equipped with the apparatus suitable for performing various metallographic inspections on orthopedic implants and instrumentation such as macro and micrographic examinations and expert evaluations:

  • Grain size (per ASTM E112, E930, E1181, NF EN ISO 643)
  • Inclusion content (ASTM E45 and ISO 4967)
  • Delta Ferrite content (AMS 2315 and ASTM E562)
  • Titanium alloy structures (NF ISO 20160 and ETTC2)
  • Depth of Alpha-Case layer and contaminated layer (P3TF19 and NF EN 2003-009)
  • Control of flow lines (ASTM E340). Metallurgic analyses (corrosion, fracture surface, various defects...)

We ensure that test samples are prepared in line with recognized standardized (ASTM E3) methods and machine them on our CNC machines.

Our mechanical testing apparatus is also used for material characterization:

  • Tensile mechanical properties for metallic alloys up to 50 kN (ISO 6892-1 and ASTM E8/E8M)
  • Hardness of metallic alloys: HRC, HV30, HBW2,5/187,5 (NF EN ISO 6508-1, 6507-1, 6506-1, ASTM E18, E92, E10)
  • Micro hardness of metallic alloys: HV0,2; HV0,5 and HV1 (NF EN ISO 6507-1 and ASTM E384)

Dimensional inspection

At each stage of production our Quality Control Department checks and validates product dimensions in accordance with drawing requirements and carries out statistical analyses in line with your specifications (product capability, process).

  • Profile projectors with calculator (evaluation of free form contours, teeth tracking, dimensional measurements)
  • Automated air gage for taper inspection
  • 3D (CMM) measuring machines (automatic scanning and probing, CAD program comparison, mapping of free form surfaces)