An unmatched orthopedics manufacturing experience

Paolo Palazzago serves the worldwide orthopedic industry with specialized manufacturing services to produce hip, knee, shoulder, spine and extremities implants and instruments of the highest quality, within the shortest timeframe.

Quality and validation managementBiomedical specific alloysImplants

Exclusively focused on orthopedic manufacturing, Paolo Palazzago is a strategic and reliable long-term partner, that translates your clinical expertise into complete, efficient and quality-driven industrial production.

Paolo Palazzago manufacturing operations are designed to bring you a fully-featured service, from design to delivery.

  • Feasibility, manufacturability and design studies
  • Simulations
  • Rapid Prototype Development
  • Manufacturing design and programming
  • Production
  • Supply-chain

Paolo Palazzago offers a wide combination of technologies, that enable you to manufacture the most diverse implant geometries, with strict tolerances and the highest quality and cost-efficiency achievable on the market.