Finishing technique in orthopedic manufacturingPolishing technique

Finishing & polishing

Complete finishing technologies to meet the highest quality standards of the orthopedic industry

Paolo Palazzago has developed a complete set of finishing techniques dedicated to orthopedic implants that yields extremely precise production, including high-volume series.

  • Manual polishing performed on a polishing wheel using abrasive belts, brushes or pads either with or without polishing compounds (for hip, knee, shoulder prostheses...)
  • Electropolishing (for stainless steel only) is a process using electrolysis to improve the surface condition of an article and give a highly polished finish (for instrumentation)
  • Mechanical polishing using abrasive media contained in a vibrating barrel (tumbler) into which parts are placed is used to remove forging deposits, to efface polishing belt marks and even to achieve a highly polished finish if required
  • Robotic polishing using the same consumables as manual polishing, robotic polishing offers three advantages: quality with high dimensional repeat ability, capacity and ergonomics

With over 80 professionals dedicated to orthopedic implant polishing, Paolo Palazzago employs one of the largest and most experienced teams in Europe, able to provide flexible and high-volume quality production.