In an industry that demands even more flexibility, speed and accuracy, Paolo Palazzago teams are organized and trained to provide expert, efficient and proactive answers.

Teams during a meetingQuality control of orthopedic implants

Genuine orthopedics expertise

Paolo Palazzago expertise has been solely focusing on orthopedics for more than 30 years.This strategy results in an unmatched skills base dedicated to the specific manufacturing needs of the implant industry. Our engineers and metallurgists are all key experts in their field and bring genuine value to your manufacturing outsourcing investments.

Early-stage expert advice and support

Paolo Palazzago's expertise enables our teams to bring you expert advice to fine-tune implants designs and engineering choices to bring maximal value for orthopedic OEM while optimizing manufacturing costs, quality and lead-time.

A project specific, multidisciplinary management system

To bring your company maximum expertise, flexibility and responsiveness, each of your projects is managed by a multifaceted team that associates metallurgists, design engineers, industrial project managers, manufacturing professionals and quality assurance specialists. This multidisciplinary approach enables seamless transfer, from design to manufacturing, and brings you a complete and detailed follow-through on each project.