Experts in orthopedic engineeringOrthopedic prototyping


Experienced and specialized engineering skills, for flawless quality and safety, maximum manufacturability and faster time-to-market

Paolo Palazzago's engineering fast-tracks and streamlines your development process, to speed the manufacturing process and optimize your cash flow.

High added-value, early-stage engineering expertise

  • Experienced industrial project management skills with orthopedics expertise
  • Alloy and clad development, selection and validation
  • Complete CAD / CAM and simulation capabilities
  • Specific Design For Manufacturability know-how
  • Rapid Prototyping Facilities (3D printer / silicone tooling)

Paolo Palazzago's experts efficiently intervene in early-stage engineering operations and assist your team, to fine-tune implants designs, greatly reduce lead time, shorten production timeframes, reduce costs, ensure quality and guarantee safety.