plasma sprayCoating


Coatings for advanced implants

Paolo Palazzago's coating technologies enable to enhance implant bio mechanical properties (higher tensile strengths, improved corrosion and wear resistance, active osseointegration, etc.)

Paolo Palazzago's biomedical coatings are specifically used for orthopedic implants, using atmospheric plasma spray (APS) or vacuum plasma spray (VPS) technologies. These coatings can be applied to all types of joint prostheses: hip, knee, spine, shoulder, ankle, hand, foot, trauma... They notably enable an improved biological fixation in cortical and cancellous bone.


These coatings can be of various types: ceramic (calcium phosphate hydroxyapatite based) or multi-layer (metal and ceramic double layer). In order to achieve the desired result, we take into account all your requirements notably concerning thickness and zones to be coated.

We draw up and provide on request a comprehensive validation file per in line with ISO 13779 and ensure process control.