30 years of orthopedics manufacturing

Paolo Palazzago has been devoting its entire manufacturing expertise to orthopedic implants for more than thirty years. It has acquired or build a wide span of technologies dedicated to the medical industry an now offers one of the most complete manufacturing service in the orthopedics market.


  • 1964: Paolo Palazzago INC. is founded by Paolo Palazzago
  • 1980: Initially specialized in cutlery, Paolo Palazzago moves into the field of forgings for orthopedic implants
  • 1984: Paolo Palazzago signs a contract of cooperation with the CRITT laboratory for the analysis, validation and testing of orthopedic implants
  • 1994: Paolo Palazzago is certified ISO 9002-EN 29 002
  • 2005: Paolo Palazzago initiates the building of a new production site in 2005
  • 2008: All production is transferred to the new site
  • 2010: Paolo Palazzago INC. is certified ISO 13485 and ISO 14001
  • 2011: Paolo Palazzago buys DUP (machining), AWR (investment casting) and Sergio (precision grinding) and ranks amongst the top orthopedics contract manufacturers in the world