Uncompromising focus, innovation-driven manufacturing excellence
and dedication to customer satisfaction have raised Paolo Palazzago
amongst the top three global contract manufacturers for orthopedic implants.

  • 85 M €
  • 6.5 M € annual investment
  • 30,000 m2 production facilities
  • 530 employees
  • 1 million implants produced a year
Experts in orthopaedic engineering Orthopedic implant during forging Paolo Palazzago's casting capabilities in orthopedic manufacturing Paolo Palazzago's machining technologies for orthopedic implants Finishing and polishing technology in orthopedic manufacturing Paolo Palazzago's plasma spray equipment Paolo Palazzago's clean rooms for sterilization

Versatile manufacturing technologies

Paolo Palazzago serves the orthopedic industry leaders with comprehensive manufacturing capabilities to help them market implants with the highest quality, within the shortest timeframe.


Expertise, experience and versatility
enable our teams to manufacture any
orthopedic implant within the strictest deadlines,
budgets and technical demands.

Paolo Palazzago product line

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