Obsessed with quality

Paolo Palazzago's deep-rooted quality and medical risk analysis culture guarantees total control of production and addresses the even more demanding international regulations on the worldwide markets.

Quality control of regulatory complianceQuality control of certifications ISOproprietary quality-assurance proceduresQuality and testingMetallographic inspectionSpectrometer

Focused quality assurance system and certification

Paolo Palazzago's entire industrial production and management are certified under the EN ISO 13485 international medical quality assurance model.

Paolo Palazzago's unique focus on orthopedics has led our teams to implement and continuously enhance a specific quality management system that puts the stress on traceability and reliability:

  • Strict regulatory compliance
  • Special processes validation
  • Risk analysis (ISO 14971)

Paolo Palazzago exclusively works with an approved and validated supplier list, has implemented a flawless raw material quality control scheme to increase reliability and neutralize variation.

A systematic approach to medical risk management

Paolo Palazzago's highly specialized activity on orthopedics implants has shaped several proprietary quality-assurance procedures and tools addressing the healthcare market : validation sampling techniques, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T), scientific process development and sterilization management, comprehensive process documentation, scientifically assessed risk analysis and statistically optimized manufacturing processes, etc.

Our quality system translates into total trace-ability, complete document management and thorough testing, and therefore end-user medical risk is perfectly controlled.

Continuous training and significant investment

Paolo Palazzago corporate strategy lays significant stress on employees' empowerment and skills improvement. Each Members of our teams benefits from a continuous training path fitted to their needs. Our training programs address management, quality, technical and basic skills alike.

Our investment strategy matches our quality requirements and provides our teams with latest generation control systems and laboratories:

  • Mechanical tests (impact, hardness and micro hardness, tensile, etc.)
  • Profile projectors
  • 3D (CMM) inspection (7 centres)
  • Automatic air gages
  • NDT (penetrant testing, X-ray, fibroscopy, endoscopy)
  • Metallographic inspection (grain, corrosion, fracture, surface, structures, cleanliness, porosity, contents, Al- pha-Case and contaminated layers, flow lines...)
  • Spectrometry

Standard-based validation

Paolo Palazzago's validation approach is based on a strong standard watch in order to fit to best-in-class requirements (ISO and ASTM). Thus, packaging validation is made in accordance to ISO 11607 requirements. Hydroxyapatite coating is validated in accordance to ISO 13779. Final Cleaning validation is based on NF S94-091.